What do we do?

Formed midway through 2006, what makes Apropos Technologies different from other software companies is the creation of deep relationships with its clients, often managing their entire technological supply chain from software development to new hardware rollouts.

The board is comprised not only of software guru’s but members whose backgrounds are entrepreneurial in nature – often having owned or run businesses themselves at extremely senior levels in a large variety of industries ranging from warehousing business, recycling centres, bricks and mortar retail and even app development for smartphones. The insight forged from such experience allows Apropos to marry state of the art software development with an entrepreneurial flair.

The net result is an ability to drive and produce more value through our software than would otherwise be possible when dealing with a vanilla third party software developer lacking our strategic insight and expertise. Once our clients have worked with us once, the feedback we receive is consistently re-enforces these ideals.

INDIAIndia Office

S P Infocity,
1st floor (thru East Wing Atrium),
Plot No. 40,
MGR Nedunchalai,
Perungudi, Chennai - 600096. INDIA.
Tel: +91 - 8754599917, +91 (44) 165574950


Y Building, Executive Suite 60-61
PO BOX 120639, SAIF Zone
Sharjah, UAE
Tel: 0097 165574950