Software Development

Developing new or adapting existing technology is Apropos Technologies’ bread and butter. With a dedicated software development team located across the UAE and India Apropos Technologies has successfully implemented hundreds of projects of different sizes and with vastly different technologies. Details of areas where we have deep technical expertise include:

Integration with some of the world’s largest E-commerce Marketplaces


Integration with key postal carriers in world’s largest markets


Creating smartphone App’s & using some of the industry’s leading App frameworks


Regardless of the project put before our team, each one starts with a blank slate. We seek to understand the requirements of our clients and then dig deeper to find out how what we are being asked to do ties in with the aspirations of our clients in years to come. Our experience increasingly tells us that the lines between software and business are no longer appropriate – in fact software often is the business or the enabler of business. Without robust software and robust plans to ensure software is scalable and flexible, then software and the systems that it underpins continually become bottlenecks and barriers to the growth of businesses and the aspirations of their stakeholders.

Our software development is delivered together with an internationally recognised quality assurance process. Since 2006, the Apropos Technologies’ Quality Management System (QMS) is certified to comply with ISO 9001 standard.

To discuss a potential project with us, you do not need complete project documentation. Instead, just call us to appoint a personal meeting and talk through your objectives. We’ll let you know whether we can help and if you like what you hear, we’ll get down to the nuts and bolts of your specific business and needs.

Marketplace Integrators
Postal Carrier Integrators
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