Apropos Technologies constantly seeks to refine and improve the value it can deliver to clients by leveraging best practice across industries where it has expertise through the experience of its board members and the work it has done with clients. Through its consultancy services, the company seeks to take its collective knowledge and the expertise of its staff and apply it to businesses it believes would stand to benefit. Being in the fortunate position of not having to solicit business, Apropos Technologies is selective in which industries is participates, choosing only those where it believes it can add genuine value and innovative solutions. In addition, though the company has a well-known ability to establish world class software, sometimes clients are more interested in our advice and insight, preferring to keep their software development in-house or with existing vendors. In such scenarios we willingness to provide consultancy is a key offering clients can take advantage of. 

Apropos Technologies provides each client with a custom service and a focus on quality and standards. It is a point of pride to us that Apropos Technologies is bespoke and that we match our project management and design methods to how our customers like to work and the outcomes that they want to achieve. Apropos Technologies emphasises the pragmatic and the doing, rather than lengthy meetings and theorising whether it is business/software consultancy or software development which is being provided.

We successfully deliver projects on time and on budget again and again. We recruit highly qualified and experienced professionals with deep technical and project management skill and a proven track record of success so that you have a flexibility and a nimbleness unmatched by the lumbering giants of software.

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